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Add Sacred Space Teaching Resources Guide and Powerful Divine Decrees

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Unlock the wisdom of the ages, tap into the eternal truths that govern our existence and immerse yourself in the transformative power of Divine Decrees. These profound affirmations align your spirit with the divine plan, empowering you to manifest your true potential and embrace a life of purpose. Experience the miraculous as you speak these decrees into existence, unleashing the boundless possibilities that reside within you.

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Discover the Power of Sacred Space to Awaken the Divine Power Within You!

In this training, you will learn:

  • What sacred space is

  • How to designate your sacred space

  • How to clean it

  • Finding the power spot in your sacred space

  • Setting boundaries around

  • Clearing crystals

  • Setting up your altar

  • What to do when you sit at your altar

  • Becoming present in your sacred space

  • How to cleanse your energetic body

  • How to work on yourself in your sacred space

  • Temple codes of sacred space

  • And your "homework" is to do all of these things to set up and fire up your sacred space

As a Bonus, you will also have the opportunity to purchase the Womb Healing Practices and the Decrees which can all be done in your beautiful, safe and sacred space.